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Video shows firefighters’ terrifying task

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The footage, shared by the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS), was taken from inside a fire truck on Friday as crews drove into Holdens Lane at Rainbow Flat, just north of Forster on the state’s mid-north coast.

This shows the dangerous conditions that have confronted firefighters today. This video shows crews working on the Hillville bush fire at Rainbow Flat near Taree.

Posted by NSW Rural Fire Service on Friday, 8 November 2019

It shows a narrow road flanked by flames, some reaching metres into the air as they lick up blackened trees and spread across the ground.

At times the road completely disappears under a thick plume of smoke, but the crews power on.

“There’s the house to the left,” one crew member says, as the video pans to a hazy rectangular shadow barely visible just a few metres away.

“This shows the dangerous conditions that have confronted firefighters today,” the NSW RFS said.


The footage was taken by Warringah fire crews. Picture: FacebookSource:Supplied


“(It) shows just how bad the fire situation currently is,” they said. Picture: FacebookSource:Supplied

Firefighters warned they were in “uncharted territory” on Friday as they battled more than 15 emergency-level fires across the state.

More than 80 fires were still burning as evening fell in New South Wales, while dozens more raged in Queensland.

“We’ve never seen this many fires concurrently at emergency warning level,” NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said.

As crews prepared for a late night, at least two houses had been confirmed lost and there were early reports of a number of injuries and people trapped in their homes.


More than 1000 firefighters and 70 aircraft were deployed on Friday. Picture: AAP Image/Dan HimbrechtsSource:AAP


Prime Minster Scott Morrison said he was receiving regular updates. Picture: AAP Image/Dan HimbrechtsSource:AAP

Earlier in the day, residents shared eerie scenes on social media of a blood red sky over Port Macquarie.

“Port Macquarie currently showing a smoky preview of the apocalypse,” one user, Jack Begbie, wrote.

“Raining ash and embers. Pretty much just waiting for lucifer to arrive and take me to hell,” another user, Michael, said.

#ClimateEmergency is real and demands immediate action. My parents place at lunchtime today. #portmacquarie once littoral rainforest, now burning.

— Natasha Alford (@TashAlford) November 8, 2019

2pm and the sky was on fire

— Tracey Fairhurst (@traceyfairhurst) November 8, 2019

More from Mum at #PortMacquarie, crossing the Hastings River on the ferry. 50 shades of orange, where a whole lot of people get screwed over because we should have been dealing with determinental anthropogenic #ClimateChange 4 decades ago, when we first knew about it.

— Danielle Sisson (@dani_siss) November 8, 2019

Meanwhile above the clouds, Sydney man Matt Hope shared this bird’s-eye-view of the fires from his Sydney to Brisbane flight.

If that’s what the fires look like from up here on the NSW Mid Nth Coast, huge prayers and thoughts for those down there!


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